We use a number of recognised fabrics in our workwear which make the clothing much more wear-resistant, waterproof, breathable etc.

Work-Tex Membrane Clothing

Work-Tex Membrane Clothing

Work-Tex membrane clothing provides effective protections from wind and water, while ensuring that your skin can breathe. The Work-Tex membrane features special fibre structures that allows body heat and moisture to escape - while protecting you from conditions outside. Specially intended for heavy physical labour that generates a great deal of body heat.

Technical Performance

Technical Performance

A wide variety of technical details are incorporated in our extensive range of technical WorkZone products. Every single design possesses specially selected technical properties which take the specific product and the entire technical part of the WorkZone collection to a higher level in terms of performance.

3M Thinsulate™


3M Thinsulate is the latest in insulation technology. The fabric is made of synthetic microfibres that are ten times smaller than the ones used in other synthetic insulation materials. The minute fibres absorb more air than other materials. And this means that Thinsulate can achieve the same insulating effect as other products but with a significantly thinner layer.



We use 100% CORDURA® - 340 gram/m2 - reinforcements on knee pockets in most of our trouser models. CORDURA® is a superbly durable material, extremely hard-wearing and resistant to tears and holes.

Ten times more durable than cotton
Three times more durable than standard polyester
It has double the durability of standard nylon



Thermolite® triple function underwear.
The underwear is absorbent, and it transports sweat away from the skin while insulating warmth close to the body.
50% polyester / 50% cotton, 210 g/m2



Products made with Coolmax® fibres have the special property of keeping the skin dry. The Coolmax® fibres wick moisture away from the skin for greater comfort.



LYCRA® is used in many fabrics to make them stretchable. In addition to making the product flexible, the LYCRA® fibres also ensure that the fabric returns to its original shape after it has been stretched. Garments made with LYCRA® are thus comfortable and durable.



Teflon® is a surface treatment which makes fabric dirt-resistant so that it stays looking good for longer.