Workwear must fit! Therefore, it is important to find the right size of workwear. Otherwise you will not feel comfortable when working.

Clothes which are too large get in the way, while clothes which are too small restrict your movements – and will therefore not provide the right levels of working comfort.

The fit has to be right, and in this respect WorkZone workwear fits the bill!

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1) Collar measurement
Measure around the neck (measure tightly + 2 cm)

2) Chest measurement
Measure around the chest at the widest point.

3) Waist measurement
Pull trousers slightly down and measure outside the shirt and around the waist.

4) Inseam length
Measure inseam from crotch to edge of shoe.

This is how to measure your size correctly:
Get someone to help you. Keep your shirt and trousers on and stand in a relaxed position. Let your arms hang loosely by your sides. Draw the tape measure horizontally around your body. It should lie close into the body, but not too tightly.






Standard/Casual bottoms


All sizes have inseam length 82 / 32,5" except shorts and 3/4 trousers.


Ladies trousers (0340-765) have leglength 82 / 32,5".

Explore/Tech Zone bottoms




Leg length can be increased by 6 cm (4 cm for short inseam)
(Except for shorts and long shorts)