Well-maintained workwear lasts longer and looks smarter. For your WorkZone workwear, we recommend frequent washing at a low temperature rather than less frequent washing at high temperatures. WorkZone workwear has been developed to be hard-wearing – also when being washed – but we give the following advice to prolong the lifespan of your workwear and better wash results:

  • Do not use a fabric softener
  • Never overfill the machine – wash coloured clothes separately and inside out. We recommend that you use a washing powder for coloureds
  • Close Velcro closures and zippers before washing – they will last longer
  • If the workwear is very dirty, wash it as soon as possible to avoid the dirt getting worked into the fabric
  • Never use bleach or other strong chemical products that can damage your clothing
  • Always check the care label and wash in accordance with the symbols for perfect wash results

Machine Wash

40 Grader Machine wash 40 °C or less
40 Grader Skånevask Delicate wash 40 ºC or less
60 Grader Machine was 60 ºC or less
Ikke vask Do not wash


Ikke bleges Do not bleach


Ikke tumbles Do not tumble dry
Tumbler 1 Tumble dry 60 ºC or less
Hængetørre Hang dry
Liggetørre Dry flat


Ikke stryges Do not iron
Stryg 1 Iron maximum temperature 110 ºC
Stryg 2 Iron maximum temperature 150 ºC

Dry cleaning

Ikke renses Do not dry clean
Tåler rensning Dry cleanable


Info bog Read product information label

Care instructions