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At the F. Engel group, which designs and produces the WorkZone brand, quality is of paramount importance. This means more than just being able to supply quality products at the agreed time.

Already at the product development stage, we ensure high quality standards by means of our internal quality system with continual process control and sampling. This focus on quality also extends to purchasing, testing, production, sales, logistics and service. Raw materials used by F. Engel are chosen on the basis of laboratory and strength tests that must be passed for a material to be used for WorkZone workwear.

F. Engel operates with its own production units. Our two, wholly-owned factories in Lithuania ensure that logistics run smoothly, and we can operate with a high level of versatility in every aspect of the production process. At our factories we have more than 250 seamstresses employed who are all specially trained to produce workwear.

When production of a particular product starts, specifications and counter samples are compared to check all the evaluation points. The following evaluation points are checked: Fabric, model details, measurement chart and labelling. Specifications are checked throughout the production process, faults are reported and faulty goods are either corrected or destroyed.