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Feet deserve optimum comfort too. Feet have to work hard all day and have to endure all manner of strain.
To keep feet dry and warm we recommend the new socks from Accessories by Engel.
The socks are available with or without Coolmax® – the right socks for any weather conditions.

Cold days?

With the seamless, insulating underwear from Accessories by Engel you’ll be ideally equipped to withstand the cold weather.
Their antibacterial treatment (S3™) ensures good absorption and prevents unpleasant odours.
The underwear fits snugly and comes in a range of three sizes.

Engel AccessoriesEngel Accessories Engel AccessoriesEngel Accessories

"Explore" – the new WorkZone collection

WorkZone’s new collection Explore challenges the old uniform tradition and softens the boundary between work and leisure. The style is contemporary and fashionable while also long-lasting. Explore

Tradesmen today want to dress individually and combine sensible workwear with a fashionable look – without compromising the unique fit and quality which have always been WorkZone’s hallmark. Explore still maintains, of course, WorkZone’s high quality and standard of detail. However, this doesn’t mean that familiar and tried-and-tested products have been spurned – on the contrary. Many people like to combine their old favourites with new styles.

Explore creates the possibility of combining existing models with brand new designs. For us, long-lasting means that the classic and traditional ‘evergreens’ have not outlasted themselves but, on the contrary, have been given a new lease of life when combined with the latest trends. It also means that you don’t have to replace your entire workwear wardrobe, but can inject fresh life into it with smart and cool highlights and possibly new accessories so your complete collection is still attractive. Here, a soft finish is an important aspect, and all new products are in the quality ‘garment wash’, which produces exactly the right look while being extremely comfortable to wear.

Tech Zone work trousers

The WorkZone™ collection Tech Zone now has one more trouser model in its range – a stylish pair of work trousers. The new Tech Zone trousers are designed for tradesmen who appreciate good comfort and a comfortable fit as well as knee pockets, but who do not necessarily need hanging tool pockets. The trousers are available in the colours 20 Black and 71 Dark Grey.

Breathable and comfortable

Tech Zone by WorkZone™ is F. Engel’s ground-breaking new collection of high-quality workwear specially developed in partnership with tradesmen – for tradesmen. Tech Zone is a very competitive collection of professional workwear in more ways than one. For example, it uses a brand new type of fabric that is both comfortable and breathable, which makes the clothes extremely pleasant to wear when working.

Incredibly hard-wearing

The new fabric – "Vantage featuring CORDURA®" – is 50% cotton and 50% INVISTA T420 nylon 6.6. The mix is an outstanding alternative to the polyester-cotton mix which is used for most workwear. Durability is thoroughly tested using the Martindale test, with the new fabric beating all its competitors by enduring 250,000 rub cycles. An impressive result for such a lightweight, comfortable and breathable material.

The collection is studded with comfort-enhancing details: All the trousers are sewn with a specially deep hem for easy leg length adjustment. Knees and elbows are ergonomically tailored for the greatest freedom of movement. In the trousers, the normal crotch seam is replaced by two seams – yet another feature designed to improve comfort.

All models have specially constructed reinforcements in a very durable fabric with an attractive structure.

Reflectors are located in exactly the right places, with contrast stitching in matching colours.